Why Is Watching a Gaming Event Live Better Than Watching It on TV

There has always been a debate that has never found the right answer. To go or not to go…to an athletic or gaming event that is. Some people say that you can relax more and watch it better from home on TV while others disagree. There are always two sides to the story and each side of argument has their fair points, but here are some great reasons as to why it is almost always better to go to an event than staying at home and staring at your television screen.

The Live Experience Is Missing

Really now, we all know that nothing beats the real thing right? The entire experience of seeing the pulsating and throbbing live wire sort of electricity in you and among the people standing all around you is just not there while you chill on the couch with nachos and beer. The smells of a gaming event starting from the mustard doused hotdogs to the sounds of trumpets and drums while people cheer on their favourite team, even that spark between two fans of opposing teams all add to the experience. Even if it is heavily packed and you barely have space to move around, it’s still that opportunity to see your athletic heroes play for the gold live and that beats nothing. Changed your mind yet? Well all you have to do is get some Australian open 2018 tickets and gather your buddies around to go watch the next game.

You Do Not Get To Meet New People

Meeting new people and networking with them, socializing with strangers who you suddenly realize share the exact same interests with you, are things that you simply cannot get to experience if you want to watch a game at home from your TV. Sure, you will have your friends and family around and you will be super comfortable because you guys do this together all the time. Wait, that’s the whole point is it not? You do this all the time. Why not try out something new? You might really like it and if you do not like it, you still would have given it at least one fair shot. It is time to bring out that sportsmanship.

The Entertainment Factor Is Cut By Almost Half

Imagine the stranger next to you standing up and suddenly making a dash for the field and dodging all the security. Is that not fun and exciting? You will still get to see all of this on the television but it just is not the same as being there when it happens. Besides all of the entertainment and fun like cheering for your team, the loud roars, music the beer spills and food and high fiving strangers, all of this entertainment is just completely cut in half. You simply do not get to have as much fun as you would if you were there in person. Have you made up your mind to attend the next event yet?