What you should always have in your gym bag

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Keeping up your body healthy means you have to be constantly be motivated in order to not lose those gains! Just a week off from the gym just makes you feel you lost a whole month of progress, so it is important that you are always determined to do your daily routine of physical workout in order to maintan and or improve what you already have. Although there are days in which we would just opt to just take the day off from working out. If you truly want to constantly develop your muscles through and through, then you need to stay constantly motivated in your routine and here are the items that will help you through it all.

Protein shake

Protein shakes are proven to be effective when it comes to maximizing your gains. This has also been a popular alternative for food considering the fact that it can take time to prepare all your meals and can be heavy on your load. With protein shakes, you could just carry this anywhere, and drink it anytime you want. Other than that, it has also been a cheaper alternative as chicken breasts and other high sources in protein can be expensive yet does not provide the amount of protein that protein shakes provide. This further then helps develop your muscles and decrease muscle soreness.


Whether you are working out alone or with your best buds, it will always help to have bluetooth speakers in singapore to keep everyone pumped up from the moment you warm up until you cool down. Studies have even shown that by listening to up beat music increases productivity, decreases the stress, and boosts energy which helps you keep going all throughout your routine. You can rest assure that you will get the most out of your workout and enjoy it as you listen to the high quality of music that it provides.


Just like protein shake, having a solid meal to munch after you workout will hasten muscle growth and decrease delayed onset muscle soreness. By doing so, you enable yourself to truly maximize your program as you infuse diet and working out altogether. Meals are imperative because after working out, your body absorbs nutrients faster than before you start which brings in a window of opportunity to pack your muscles with the sufficient amount of nutrients that it needs.

Water bottle

Always remain hydrated as it boosts your energy levels all throughout, and keeps you going. Water will always be the healthiest option to keep yourself hydrated which does not add any bad calories into your body. A sure way to maximize your routine is be able to feed your muscles, and enjoy it as you go. This ensures that you will not see your workout as a hard labor to reach your dream body, but rather a lifestyle.