Ways To Try To Have A Fun Photo Booth During Weddings

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Today, the wedding reception venues have photo booths on it. DIY kiosk is a perfect way to save some money while bringing joy to your guests. You don’t have to buy high-end equipment and extra props to bring the best booth for your big day. With the tips below, you can have an idea on how to create an amazing booth. Surely, your guests will be encouraged to strike a pose in front of the camera. This can be done all within an affordable budget.

Be Creative on the Backdrop

The backdrop is important in every photo booth like in kl photobooth. As such, make sure that it’s eye-catching but not too distracting. For example, you can put ribbons, balloons, banners, and cut-out phrases on it. Perhaps, you can indicate your name, date, and location of the wedding. Remember, you can make it simple or fancy, depending on your theme.

Put Some Lights

As you plan for the lights for the whole wedding reception, don’t forget the lights for the photo booth. You can put neon signs or a curtain with fairy lights on your kiosk. If you are planning to put some lights in the background, see to it that you place some in front of the camera. It must point toward the booth at the nose level. With this, the faces of your guests will be visible in the photos. You can also by a selfie light to provide quality lighting for your booth.

Bring Different Props

The props are the best part of the photo booths. Thus, make sure to bring a wide variety of it as much as possible. Examples of it are ribbons, cutouts, signs, and masks. You can buy fancy wigs, hats, jewelry, accessories, and glasses at the local stores. Put a silly costume on to have the best photo!

Visible Location

The goal of the photo booth is to capture the attention of the guests in a fun and informal way. As such, it is best to set up the kiosks where all the guests can see it no matter where they are seating at the reception. If possible, do not put your booth in a separate room or in a corner. There are plenty of things that happen during the reception. If your guests cannot see it, they can forget about the booth.

Polaroid Cameras

If you want an affordable camera with instant printout, then you can provide the booth with a Polaroid camera. Millennials and old-school alike know how to use the Polaroid cam. Encourage each guest to take a shot so they can have a souvenir. Just be sure to have extra films before the wedding day.