Tips for Buying Great Tops Any Time of the Year

Want to buy new tops for the New Year or the latest season? Then here are several important tips to keep in mind:

Pay Attention to the Material

The fabric the top is made out of play a huge role in deciding how comfortable and suitable the garment is for various occasions. Choose fabrics based on the seasons. Lightweight and airy fabrics, like cotton and linen for example, are known to be great in the summer. Buy velvet or silk tops online for the colder months. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, you might want to choose hypoallergenic, natural fibres like cotton. In any case, do some research on various fabrics before you go shopping for tops.

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Line Pattern Direction Matters

Do you want to make a part of your torso look wider? Then choose a top with a horizontal stripe pattern. If you want a part to look slimmer, then choose vertical patterns. Line patterns can give your body a seemingly new shape. Patterned blouses are particularly good for both emphasizing and covering up your curves.

Emphasize with Colours

Do you want attention moved away from a part of your torso? Then choose a top with dark colours to cover up that area. You can move attention away from or towards parts of your body by the shading of the top. The bright parts usually draw attention and the dark parts don’t emphasize unflattering curves.

Use Shoulder Pads if You Have Small Shoulders

Shoulder pads were once compulsory for most professional types of blouses and blazers women wore (just ask your mom). They have pretty much disappeared from most modern selections. However, shoulder pads can still be useful if you have small or narrow shoulders. The padding essentially makes your shoulders look broader, giving you a more intimidating and professional look. If you are trying to do that confidence pose, consider shoulder pads.

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Buy for Now

When you shop for tops, buy the items that fit you perfectly right now. Don’t buy larger or smaller sizes anticipating weight gains or losses in the future. If you are expecting a weight fluctuation in the immediate future, then don’t shop for new clothes now. Buy a top once you have reached the weight you expect to reach. When it comes to clothes shopping in general, buy for now, not the future. Otherwise, hold the purchase until you are certain of the size.

Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

It’s common for most women to buy tops in certain favourite colours. Perhaps you buy tops in colours that complement your skin tone or eye colour. While there’s nothing wrong with that, a good wardrobe would always include tops in an array of colours ready for any moment. Make sure you have several tops in “neutral” shades like grey, black, navy blue, and brown. If all your wardrobe has are neutral colours, then it’s definitely time to shop for brighter tops.

Shopping for a top isn’t rocket science. Look for the styles you love and make sure you always buy the right fit. Follow the above tips and you will be able to buy great tops that will stay in your personal collection for years.