The different avenues of photography

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What is food photography?

Be it a restaurant, café or home owned business you are running form the kitchen, it is important for you to entice your customers by posting the most amazing looking pictures of your plated food that will make them want to take time off their schedules to be there. This can not only include your food but your desserts and beverages too. Just like there are many ways you can bring out the best in a person that is being photographed, it is possible to do the same with a plate of anything edible too.

Chef portrait photography is an important extension of food photography. This is where you capture the chef in his natural element, making him appear the most comfortable and confident while he does what he like doing the best.

What are the genre of events covered by event photography?

This can be anything that the client wants us to. Be it a seminar. Product launch, sales conferences, conventions, seminars or an end of the year dinner dance, event photography covers it all.

The event can also be video graphed. This is a great way to look back on the day’s proceedings for referencing on a later day. Especially when on boarding new comers and running potential customers and investors of the organization.

What are the most recent additions to wedding photo booths?

Singapore photo booth are one of the most popular things at a wedding by far today. Rightly so as I can tell from experience that it is a lot of fun and a great way to reconnect with friends and family you are meeting after long.

The basic photo booth has come a long way since its introduction to wedding not so long ago. Today clients are able to choose from different photo sizes and customized borders and even able to live stream the photos of the entire event. Gone are the days when wedding were a private event, today we want the whole world to watch as we say ‘’I do’’.

What is referred to as ‘’still life photography’’?

This is where products are photographed for cataloguing purposes or to be displayed in the client’s website or social media pages. This is a very important commercial aspect of photography as today many retail sales happen via the internet and how well you capture the product will determine how many inquiries and ultimately, sales will come in.

This form is especially important for online webstores.