Millinery; a lady’s guide to her headwear

Who says that millinery is all good as dead? They have come back with amazing resurgence and it really has been a year of toppers so far. However, sometimes, it is not uncommon for even the most confident of ladies to feel a little rattled by the idea of donning millinery or toppers. Here are some basic rules or etiquette that a lady should try to keep in mind when choosing where and when to wear her toppers.

Sun, straw and wide brimmed toppers along with fedoras

Sun toppers are worn generally in really hot and sunny climates where the aim is to avoid the sunlight from coming into your eyes. Usually pink, white and blue are colours that are chosen for the months of full on summer. Straw toppers also serve the same purpose of keeping the sun out of your eyes while also making sure that you do not accumulate sweat on your scalp and end up looking like a wet goose. When it comes to fedoras they are mainly considered masculine headwear even though women too can wear them for special occasions. You can also buy ladies spring racing hats online that will fall into the same category.

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Does the topper need to match your outfit?

It might not be very important for the topper to match the shade of the outfit that you are wearing. However, it is very important that the colour of the topper does meet the tone of your skin unless you want to look washed out or completely overdone. Just make sure that you wear something that is a bit of your personal style, or trendy or cute or elegant or boho or pretty much anything in between that will not make a spectacle out of you.

How can you know when to switch topers between the seasons?

The main change comes from the months of spring and summer to the months of autumn and winter. It is a very commonly asked question but the answer is also equally simple. You simply need to start the switch when you realize that the weather is getting chillier and that you are getting colder. As much as you want to laugh about it, that is the only answer.


What are the types of toppers that you can wear according to seasons?

For the spring and the summer, focus on types of millinery like cloche, paperboy, mod or English schoolboy caps. Giant sun toppers are also a very elegant option. For the months of autumn and winter, choose varieties like cowboy, porkie pie, top and Victorian that will give you more cover and protection from the cold.