How to pick a wedding planner for your big day

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To make your wedding less stressful, one of the best way is to hand it to a wedding planner. Since they know exactly what you might need for your big day. Be it overseas or even in your native country, they will more than happy to help you out with what u have requested for. Finding that perfect planner will be quiet hard if you have a lot of options.  But if you know what exactly you are looking for it will be much easier to pick a planner in no time. Below are some of the ways to pick the best wedding planner

Meet them in person and ask for previous work experiences

If you listed down few planner that you want to work with and still confused on which one to pick with, it’s always best you meet them in person and get to know more about the previous work. Once you meet them make sure they are comfortable to work with and they have enough of services to offer you as per your budget. Since you might have to work with the closes till your wedding day. Ask them for their previous works as well to get a better idea of them.

Ask what kind of services they offer

Certain planners will offer you only a limited service and certain professional and well known wedding planners will offer you many other services like Limousines, invitation cards and even wedding photography packages Singapore. These packages may be expensive but if its something that you are looking for in a planner, its best you choose them and tell what exactly you want in your big day. Make sure you give them a budget as well, so that according to that budget they will be able to come up with services that you might need for your big day.

Brief them about your wedding plan and see how they respond

You might come across certain wedding planners who only does the decorations and the setting but not more than that. So once you meet the planners in person, brief them about how you want the decorations to be and how you want the seating’s to be seated and how many guests you will be expecting. Try to give them pictures or even sketches on how you want the theme to be. According to that the planners will be able to come up with a decoration the way you want it. If they offer you more services like food catering and invitation cards. Tell them what kind of menu you will be expecting. And when it comes to the cards, brief them about how they should incorporate the theme into the card and the details that should be mentioned in the card.