How to Create a Good Monthly Plan for Your Social Media

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A monthly plan for your social media is something that will help you categorize and organize what you will be posting for the month on the page that is dedicated to the positive promoting of your brand. You can really be versatile and decide how you want to go about this but it is more important than anything to understand how it will work and what you should and should not do when you create your monthly plan (also known as editorial calendar). Here are some helpful tips that can give you a bit of insight into organizing your social media.

Have Enough Originality and Creativity

The best way to make an editorial calendar work for you is to maintain a freshness about it. You know how we just tend to ignore posts done by certain pages after a while or stop clicking on the read more button after a few weeks? That is because brands tend to go stale with what they are doing. You might want to watch the same movie a few times but after that do you still feel the same enthusiasm to keep watching it over and over again? That’s the exact same psychology that works with your social media as well. Keep it fresh and the people who come to read what you have shared will stay and even increase. Keep posting the same thing in different ways and your traffic will decrease. Based on your location, get the help of a professional, say for example Digital Marketing Agency Thailand to help you come up with content and graphics for the monthly plan.

Keep It Simple and Fun

Going a little further down the road explained above, you need to keep what you share simple and fun. Today, the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is very true, especially because people are busy and do not have enough time to read long and complicated content. They would much rather look at a visually appealing image or series of images and understand what they are looking at or the product or service that they are getting. If content is being used it needs to be short, sweet and simple. You may think that using technical jargon is impressive to your customer and it certainly would be to people who are familiar about that field. But a normal person would certainly not get it and will not be bothered to sit down to read your post the next time around with a dictionary. Keep it simple, keep it fun.

Pay and Play

Of course, social media advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your services and products out there but there is a cost on some level. You need to pay to play. Boosting your posts, getting some advert timing and all of that can really take you places and take your customer base from being local and niche to international and even mainstream if that is what you want. You are in control of your page and where it goes and how big it grows but remember that if you pay, you get to cover better ground.