How to choose the perfect photobooth for your wedding

For years and months, you may prepare for your big day down the aisle. To be wed to that person you have fallen head over heels with, to say your vows and to celebrate that day just perfectly with everyone you love.

Days pass by, those days turn into month what else is left of that amazing day than our photographs? This is why we all plan on getting the perfect shots on that day. Of course in Singapore, you know how common photo booths are, but not all turn out to be great. So, as to help you create the best photo booth Singapore, here are some tips that may actually help you ensure the perfect wedding.

  • Two of the most important things you need to consider are the lights and the camera which clearly affects the quality of the picture. Of course, if the photos are to be taken by a DSLR, you need not to worry about the quality of the photo unlike a point and shoot camera. Just as the camera, good lighting is going to bring out that vibrant look in the pictures taken. Both these factors together can printout some pretty mesmerizing pictures.


  • Photos taken at a photo booth are quite different than the normal photos you take at an event. These pics come in glamorous and fun poses. But to give these glamorous yet fun look to these photos, you need to set the back drop and have the right style of props. When it comes to props, you can even think about customizing them according to the theme of the wedding.


  • The next one goes without saying, but of course, there needs to be instant printing available. This printing needs to be done fast as well, since you need to give them their picture before they bid goodbye to the wedding couple. And it would be crazy if your guests are running in and out checking if the printing is done.


  • While some may take 2 copies of every photograph taken on that day at the photobooth and give one to the guest and have the other put in an album with wishes to the newly married. Some may not want to pay for another copy. So if you are one them, make sure to get all the pictures taken to a pen drive.

  • Today, you can get the actual photo booth where your guest can see themselves in a wide screen before the snap is taken and the picture is taken automatically without any photographer. Many would prefer such as people tend to feel self-conscious when there is a photographer and they may not actually go for that crazy funky pose they wanted to go from in the first place.

Well, hope these gave you an idea on the things you need to note on for the special day’s photography.