How to arrange a Halloween party

Halloween is one of the most awaited events of the year. Kids get to dress up in costumes, which are either scary or quite dramatic. For adults, there are Halloween parties organised by clubs, association or even the office.


The theme is the most important things of this party. The theme will provide the framework required for the party and how to get everything together. The theme will ensure that the guests you are invited will know what they can expect and also what they should dress. There are many themes and therefore, the activities, decorations, special effects and storylines. The best way to ensure that you bring the theme out get is to ensure that you visit a special effects equipment rental Singapore store.

Decorating it up

The entire venue or the space that you are using needs to be decorated according to the theme. This is very important to create the Halloween effect that you are going for. You can just visit a CO2 machine store and then grab a dry ice machine, which will help create the smoky fog effect. These machines come along with colour options as well and you will be able to create the eerie effect. If you are going for a Dracula’s castle theme, then ensure that you bring out the hired coffins too.

Special effects

Fog machines fall under the special effects category. Halloween parties require you to have the special effect machines being used. You can get strobe effects working and also use hydraulics. This is perfect to ensure that the Halloween actors that you hire will be able to sneak up on the guests and give them a good scare. That’s what Halloween is all about!


You need to have a few Halloween games scheduled for your guests. Based on the age group – kids or adults, you can bring out common games that many people arrange. Fancy dress competition is a must, which does not need any arrangements. Some of the famous kids games are slime dipping and apple bobbing. 

Drinks and food

A party is incomplete without drinks and food. If you do a little bit of research you will be able to find a few recipes for dishes that are perfect for a Halloween party. Eyeball canapés, sausages served like severed fingers or even zombie cocktails. The choices are endless for food. 

Get these main factors for the Halloween party right and you will not have to worry about anything else. Your guests will have a great time and you will also enjoy the party yourself.